Hello November

After the Indian summer weekend, now cold weather is here. Here is a look that I would define more like another office look. Simple like black…

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When in Santorini

Santorini… it was an incredible adventure. Discovering all these new places, new culture and spending a day in one of the most instagrammable places. In my…

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Indian summer

2 weekends ago the weather was great. Blue sky, 23°C outside, with the sun shining. And now sky became gray, there is some rain also. Even…

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Gucci for the office

Gucci obsession. This is at least what we can say about the Italian brand and the leap it took these last months. Bags, belts, shoes, we…

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Blue summer

Summer is my favorite season. We are happy, the sun is shining, life seems to be, somehow easier. It terms of fashion, I think it is…

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Summer in the Fields

This summer is a little bit different from the others because everything is done at the last minute. It was the same thing with our summer…

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