Mixing styles and self-confidence

I’ve always been a simple person (for good or for not so good). And this in my way to wear clothes. Since my very young age, I had a preference for the black color. At the end of the day, it is easy to wear.

And this is still the situation in our days. Of course, I try to diversify my closet by adding some different pieces and colors, but I do still prefer the black and now white colors.

Just like in this look, where I chose the Tara Jarmon cape, Zara boots and this KMJ short in leatherette (the sweater is also from KMJ by the way and I have already spoken about it in another post). Some years ago, I would never try this combination.

But now, wearing a cape and a short seems pretty cool and may I say, elegant. Honestly, if you choose the right length of your pants, you can be sure not to seem vulgar or uncommon.

In life, there is a moment where you should be self-confident (speaking of fashion, work, relationship, etc). You should understand that you don’t have to report to anyone (a part to your manager of course). Of course, she or he will try sometimes to bring you down (except you have the coolest manager that could exist).

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