Little white dress in Capri gardens

Our holidays in Italy continue with the visit of the so magical and the chic Island of Capri. This is the place to be in Italy for the summer holidays. With the brand boutiques, charming hôtels and, of course, the beautiful gardens of Augustus, also known as the gardens of Kruppa. In this Island, you will feel like being someone very special and being in a film.

For a day in Capri, we had the gardens of Augustus in our list with the must see places. These botanical gardens were created by Friedrich Alfred Krupp- German steel industrialist. Till 1918, the gardens were named after Krupp, when they were renamed Gardens of Augustus. They are overlooking the sea, with an 180-degree view of the Island, the bay of Marina Piccola, the Mount Solaro and the very famous Faraglioni. The place is full of beautiful flowers and plants, for instance, geranium, dahlias and brooms.

Here you can find a 5-meters-high blocks of marble with the Lenin’s face sculpted on. The sculpture is located in front of the Maksim Gor’kij house who gave hospitality to Lenin in 1908.

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