Go skiing with Protest…. Or staying home with Protest

It is official, the second lockdown is now confirmed in France. After some other European countries, we will have to stay at home for at least 1 month. Well, I am not used to start my stories with negative news, but this is more or less our everyday life since the beginning of 2020.

There are some positive points about the lockdown. Well, the first one is that we already have experienced one and we are now more prepared, I think. We can also spend more time with our family. It is true that for people who are alone, it is not easy at all.

We can take it as an opportunity to read more, watch some series, experience new things like cooking, learning some new skills, or simply take the time to think about our future. We can draw our career path or simply our life path and see what we can do to make it better. Most of the time we are complaining that we didn’t have the time to do this or that. So, now we have it.

Staying at home now, for a month, can save Christmas and our winter holidays. If we stay at home now, we may be able to spend December with our families. And who knows, we may be able to go skiing, spend some peaceful moments in the mountains, close to nature and the snow.

I really hope will be able to spend some time in the mountains and who knows, skiing and test this cute and trendy Protest ski costume on the slope. I discovered the brand on Instagram and was surprised by the nice patterns of the clothes. They are very light, waterproof, and easy to wear. With their unique style, we can be sure to get peoples’ eyes on us.

Well, for now, I can only wear it at home J, or at least put on this nice ski jacket when going out to buy some food or when going to my medical appointments. Because these will be the emergencies and the reasons to go out in the incoming month. In the meantime, you can see my selection of Protest clothes below.

Take care and stay safe

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