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Paros is definitely one of the Cyclades islands that you should visit and discover. A first 3-days-visit could be sufficient to discover this place. Here is a guide for your first travel to Paros.

Paros Island is situated 2 hours by ferry from Santorini, so it is easy to go there. Actually, our first plan was to spend the whole week in Santorini but a friend of ours advised to discover one of the neighbor’s island, Paros or Naxos. So, our choice was Paros. Then, we thought that we could visit Naxos and Mykonos during our next trip to Greece.

In my previous article, I was wondering if it would be better to have a scooter or a quad for your stay on the island. As in Santorini, we had a scooter, for our stay in Paros, we decided to change and to try a quad. Prices can be really attractive during the low season because we had a very nice quad for 30 euros per day, which was a very good offer.

About the accommodation, we chose Parian Village, which is a very nice place, with good breakfast. Rooms are very nice, with a small balcony and a beautiful view. The only inconvenient was the bathroom which was a little bit narrow but the place and service are really nice. Moreover, it is 3 minutes’ walk from Livadia beach and 10 minutes from the city center of Paros and all the restaurants.




You can organize your stay by dedicating one day to the South of the island and another full day for the North of Paros. I preferred the North because, for me, the most beautiful city and beach were there.


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Which cities to visit?

Parikia is the main city on the island. The harbor of Paros is situated in this city. This is one of the most vivid city. Here, you have a line of nice restaurants, small shops, Livadia beach and a bunch of hotels.


Naoussa is the most beautiful city on the island. This is the place where the night-life is on maximum. During the night, all the nice restaurant and bars are welcoming you and during the day, you can do some shopping in the small streets of the city.


Lefkés is another city but this time, in the heart of the island. You can visit it when you are in the South of the island. This is what we did. As we stayed In Parikia, we dedicated one day to the Southern part of the island, with all the beaches then we stopped by Lefkés on the way back. The most important thing to see here is the Holy Trinity church, made of marble.

Antiparos. It is a small island you can reach by ferry. It is only 5 minutes with the ferry (around 2.3 euros in one way in low season), you can take from the Pounda harbor. Spending a day or a half day is highly recommended.

Half a day in Antiparos

Spending a day or even a half-day in Antiparos could be enough. At the beginning, this was not on our list, but then we thought it can be nice to discover this small island. Half day is enough to discover the nicest beaches on this place.

The only attraction you can see and for which you will need a bit more time is the Cave of Antiparos. Then, there are a lot of nice beaches on the Antiparos Island. My preferred one is Panagia beach because it is let me say, a bit hidden. End September, you can be sure, there won’t be anybody. Then, going more in the South, you have another beautiful beach, called Soros. While discovering the island, you can, of course, have lunch or coffee in one of the local bars. The distance between the northern and southern point is around 13 km.


Which are the most beautiful beaches?

Aliki beach is situated in the southern part of Paros. It is quite long sand-beach. It is around 10 km or 15 minutes from the Pounda harbor.

Drios beach is another beach that worth visiting when in the South of Paros. It is 10 km from Aliki beach (17 minutes with quad or car).

Punda beach is another place that we didn’t have the chance to see, but it is one of the must-sees in Paros Island.

My preferred beaches are nevertheless in the Northern part of Paros.

Kolimbrithes Beach is the most beautiful place not only in Paros but I dare say in the whole Greece (well, the part I saw till now). You can see it from the pictures.

Nord_Paros_beach_travel_Greece Beach_Kolimbirthes_Paros
Kolimbirthe_Beach_Paros_rosesinparis Paros_Kolimbirthes_guide

Piperi beach is situated 1km from Naoussa city. It is quite a small beach but with beautiful sand and if you are staying in Naoussa, this is one of the closest one to the city.

More on the east, are situated two other nice beaches, Lageri beach, and Monastiri beach. This one is the eastern point of the Paros island.

Where to eat?

Koralli Restaurant: offers, of course, the main Greek dishes and of course the healthy Greek salad. Here, you can also enjoy a plate of seafood.


Aroma Traditional taverna: as its name says it, this is another place, where you can try some traditional food. What is particular about this restaurant is that plates are made with local products, but in a very French way. French people will recognize immediately the French touch.


Oasis Café: is a coffee bar, where you can have breakfast or just coffee, tea or a cold drink while waiting for your ferry to come, just before leaving.

Mesogeios: really nice place in the heart of Naoussa, perfect for lunch or dinner. Here you can find salads, a rich plate for 2 (with beans salad, stuffed tomatoes, moussaka) and other delicious plates.


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