One day in Disneyland Studio Paris

Disneyland Paris is every children, girl or women dream. At least once in your life you should go there and spend the unforgettable day, full of positive vibes and experiences. It is true that today, there are 2 parks: Disneyland and Disneyland Studio (since 2002).

So, to enjoy fully your Disneyland holidays, better to stay 2 days, so you can visit both parks or you can also dedicate a full day to one of the parks. Last weekend I have some friends visiting me in Paris, so we decided to spend a day there, with their 9 years-old-daughter. Our choice was Disneyland Studio, where we have spent the full day and did almost all the rides. So I decided to share with you some pieces of advice so you can have a nice stay in one of the most famous entertainment parks in the world.

Plan your day

To be able to see and do most of the rides and attractions (today there are 18 different attractions in the Disney Studio Park), it would be better to put in place a strategy. If you are a fan of the park, you probably know by heart all the organization of the place. Nevertheless, if it is your first or second time there, think about picking up a plan on the entrance.


On place

Once you have the plan in your pocket (and also the one with the hours of the shows), it will be better to plan your visit. It is good to know that some shows have only 2 or 3 presentations a day. During the weekend, shows have a little bit more presentations. Would also advise checking on the program when and where you can meet the Disney Characters and have a picture of your child with them.

Disneyland Studio is divided into 2 parts I would say. Once at the entrance, after having passed through the covered commercial area with all the restaurants and shops, on your left there are the attractions for adults, for example Moteurs Actions, one of my favorite, Rock’n Roller Coaster Aerosmith, it could be frightening for some children, Armageddon and the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Then in the middle of the Studio Park, you have the Studio Tram Tour (also one of my favorite). Then, the right part of the park is more for the children with the experiences like Ratatouille (one of the first you should do), the Art of Disney Animation, Cars, Crush’s Coaster, and Flying Carpets over Agrabah.

Fast Pass

Some of the experiences are available with the Fast Pass. So when you arrive at the place, think about picking up the Fast Pass which will help you to gain some time and avoid the never-ending queues. In Disney Studio Park, not all the attractions are available with the Fast Pass, but you can see the list on the Mobile App that you should also download and which will help you to see the waiting time for each experience.


Prepare a pic-nic and bring a jacket

If you want to gain some more time, think about bringing with you some sandwiches and snacks. You can have lunch on one of the benches available in the park or eat a bit of sandwich while queuing for one of the attractions. Last but not least, think about having a jacket or a gilet with you, even if the weather is sunny in Paris. Disneyland is outside Paris and weather is changing even during the short Parisian summer period, so better to be prepared for the cold wave.

These are the most important advice I would like to share with you so you can have the best experience in one of the best Parks in the world.

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