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Greece and its islands. Especially Santorini island. A place that makes you dreaming and you have to visit at least once in your life. It has been since last year that we really wanted to go there, and finally, we did it this year. Visiting Santorini off-season is just the perfect moment to enjoy the calm and the beauty of the island. I decided to write this article, so you can find some answers to the questions you ask yourself when going to Santorini off-season.

August or September?

Even in September, Oia’s streets are full of tourists and walking down the street could become quickly tiring. If you would like to enjoy fully your holidays and avoid the crowd in the narrow streets of the island, I would say that the perfect moment for this is the 3rd week of September. In fact, we’ve been there end September, beginning of November and we had a mixed weather in the center of the island. Fortunately, we discovered the coast and we had some sun and nice weather over there.


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Summer or autumn clothes

I would say both. If you go on holidays end of September, think about bringing with you a jacket and some jeans and pants because the night temperatures can drop down to 16°C. Don’t forget the swimming costume, because sunbathing is still possible during this time of the year, under the 24°C during the day. If you are not too sensitive to cold, you can also bathe in the turquoise blue water of the Aegean sea.


summer_clothes_end_September_rosesinparis blog_travel_rosesinparis_Nadya


Quad or scooter?

A car :). No, just kidding, well if you choose scooter or quad, girls, think about tieing your hair, because hair in the air is beautiful but then the difficulty come: how to disentangle them, because it is really difficult? When in Santorini, we had a scooter. With a full reservoir, you can discover almost the whole island, because the largest part is around 9 km and the longest one is around 30 km. I still think that the best choice to discover Santorini was a quad. Simply because if you want to visit Red Beach which is actually a must-see in Santorini, better to go there with a quad. The path is a hillside and I would be feeling more in safety with a 4-wheels quad. But we went there by scooter so, it is feasible.



Red Beach or Vlihada Beach

Personally, I prefer Vlihada Beach. First of all, because it is easier to access. Second of all because the beach is a beautiful gray sandy beach. Vlihada Beach is wider than the Red Beach. I think during the summertime, the Reb Beach should be full of tourists. Moreover, rocks are really beautiful and make it special. This is also true for the Red Beach but still, I prefer Vlihada beach. In any case, I think you have to go and see both of them when you are on holidays in Santorini.


Red Beach



Red Beach



Vlihada Beach




Vlihada Beach

3 or 6 days in Santorini

For the length of your stay in Santorini, it really depends on what you are looking for: holidays and rest or adventure and seeing new places. If you are looking for more relaxing holidays, 6 days would be perfect. Nevertheless, if you are seeking for adventures and discovering new places, 3 days is a good compromise. At the beginning, we wanted to spend 6 full days in Santorini, but once there, we took the ferry and went to Paros. Only 2h by boat from Santorini, this island should be on your to-do list when visiting Greece. You can buy your ticket online or in the agency in Thira.





Naoussa city (Paros)



Naoussa streets (Paros)

I hope this article helped you to think about some points and better to prepare your travel to Greece and in particular to Santorini.

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