Costa Brava: 5 places to visit when on holidays #guide


It wasn’t very easy to organize our summer holidays this year. So as I mentioned it before, we just took the car and drove in the South of France. Then we decided to go on the mountain. Actually, in the south-east, there is a sea but also mountains. In my previous article, I was talking about the lakes to visit near Les Angles.

As it was summertime, and in the mountain weather was very cold, 14°C (so, next time please remind me to take some sweaters and long pants, but also a coat for the rain, you never know), we decided to go to Barcelona and then thanks to the advice of our Airbnb host, we visited Costa Brava.

We couldn’t do a lot of the 160 km area of Costa Brava, for the 2 days we have spent there. Nevertheless, we enjoyed some of the most beautiful places and beaches there. Here is the list of the 5 places that worth visiting when in Costa Brava for the summer holidays.

Cala Banys: around 75 km North from Barcelona

This place is perfect for picnic time, but be careful because it is a very rocky place. Otherwise, you also have a very nice place where you can have a meal or drink and enjoy the breathtaking view on the sea. Be sure to have some cash with you, because they do not accept any payment by card.


bar_cala_Banys_rosesinparis nice_place_no_cards_drinks_rosesinparis


travel_Costa_Brava_Spain_blogger discover_spain_coast_Nadyinparis_travel

Cala Ametller: 40 km from Cala Banys

To go to destination, preview around 10 mins walking down the stairs. From the top you can have a beautiful view but if you would like to enjoy it from close, better to go down. Here, you have a very beautiful area for some shooting. Before going down, you can also have a view on the Sant Pol beach.




Sant Pol beach area (Passeig de Sant Pol): 2 km from Cala Ametller

If you are looking for a sandy beach this is the perfect place for you. We haven’t stopped because we wanted to discover as much as possible, but the place was really nice, even if restaurants on the coast were full. For a day on the beach, Sant Pol beach area is definitely one of the perfect places in Costa Brava.


Cala Belladona: 8 km from Sant Pol beach

This place is the perfect sand beach. Quite small, it could be crowded, because there are some hotels in the area. We were struggling to find it because google maps wasn’t very precise. To go there you should take some stairs (5 minutes to go down). The place is perfect when the sun is shinning. We were happy to have 1h sun but then some clouds came and so we have continued our trip.





Badia de Tamariu: 24 km from Cala Belladona

Another very beautiful beach where our road trip in Costa Brava finished. Beach is a mix of sand and small pebbles but is very beautiful. Tamariu is small and quite tourist village in Costa Brava. So, during the day beach can be crowded. Nevertheless, this is the perfect place to spend a romantic night on the beach with a glass of wine.



Costa_Brava_village_summer to_Tamariu_beach_rosesinparis

This was our last stop in Costa Brava. After having spent an hour on this last beach, we drove to Gerona where we spent a day. It was one of our last stop for the summer road trip.

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