The 8 books of autumn 2018


Summer is over and winter is very very close. So for the intermediate, autumn season, I have decided to share with you my 8 favorite books, to read before the end of the year (or even during the beginning of the next year). Some of the books, I have already read, the others are always on my list, and really hope to be able to finish them before the end of 2018.

I just read Crazy Rich Asians. I think you should start with this title, just because it is still on cinema, so if you are like me, that means, if you prefer reading the book first, and then see the movie, you should start reading it now. So you will be able to see at the cinema before the film projection ends. So, here they are, the 8 books for this autumn.

1)    Crazy Rich Asians: Kevin KWAN

Definitely the 2018 bestseller. The Asian Cinderella story that will transport you to the amazing world of the richest people in Asia. The main character, Rachel accepted to spend the summer with his boyfriend Nicholas Young, in Singapore. It’s been 2 years that they have been dating, but she still doesn’t know that Nick’s family is the richest one on the continent. Once there, she met Astrid who is the IT Girl of the Singapore society but also other members of Young’s clan. Last but not least, she met Eleanor, Nick’s mother, who is very concerned about who Nick should marry. This book is revealing a part of the Asian JetSet life.

2)    Miracle Morning: Hal ELROD

This book is more in the “Personal Development” category books. As the title says it, it will reveal you the simple secret of how to succeed in life if you slightly change your morning habits. This book is about transforming your life into a success story. Inside, you will find the secrets about happiness, health. It will reveal you the best formula about having more energy, stress less and how to be in a better shape. A must read, which can help you to start the new 2019 year with a better plan for being a successful person.


3)    The subtle art of not giving a fuck: Mark MANSON

This book is more about making your life successful, so we are still at the same register, or “the personal development” one. Comparing to the other books, here Mark Manson talks about how to be « realistic » and not so “positive” person. This book is about getting to know our limitations and which is more important, to accept them.  Only after that, we will be able to find what we are always looking for or, honesty, curiosity, responsibility, perseverance. In other words, the only way to stop carrying about useless things is to perceive things that really matter. Another great reading to start the new year in a new way.

4)    Devenir soi: Jacques Attali (Become yourself)

I am not sure that this book was translated into English. I read it one month ago, during our September holidays, in Tenerife. The author speaks about the danger of the world of today, and the fact that it will become more and more unbearable, so it is really important that each of us stop waiting for miracles and take control of our lives. This book is not about resistance or resilience but more about how to become a better you, a real you. The book is full of examples of people who succeeded in life, knowing that success could have a different meaning for every one of us. Acting like everything is possible, will permit you to start finding a new, a better form of yourself.


Well, the next 4 books are still on my list, so I haven’t read them yet. I really know what to do for the incoming 2 months.


5)    Sweet nothing: Nicole MOWBRAY

This book is an example of how eating no sugar can change positively your life, but of course your body, and health. Sugar became a real issue in our everyday life, just because it is everywhere, not only in chocolates and sweets but also in pasta, in the different salty sauces, in the salty food. This book is another one, claiming that sugar is addictive as drugs are. It is half a memoir, half a guide that will help you to give up on this white drug. You will be able also to read the different point of view of cardiologist, nutritionists, and psychologists, so you will be able to better understand the link between our emotions and sugar.

6)    Big magic: Elisabeth GILBERT

The book has been divided into 6 themes: Courage, Enchantment, Permission, Persistence, Trust, and Divinity. These 6 treasures are the answer to the creative living. Creativity is hidden somewhere in all of us, even in the shiest person. Expressing your creativity is the best way to live your life in the best way. The Elisabeth GILBERT’s book will give you the courage to pursue your creative interests. It will show you how to deal with your fears, notice ideas and acts that will transform into creations.


7)    Lean it for graduates: Sheryl SANDBERG

This title has become a cultural phenomenon in a period in which feminism and empowering women are always subjects on the first page. Statistics are for sure not in women’s favor. They are paid less when speaking of salary, pay more money for the female option of a product. The horrible thing is that society makes them feel uncomfortable and not so confident when asking for a raise. The Facebook COO Sheryl SANDBERG’s book will give women a lot of ideas about what they can do to help themselves. Ideas about small changes in life that can have a great impact on a universal scale.

8)    Option B: Sheryl SANDBERG

This book was written after the first Sheryl’s bestseller. As the title shows us, it is about how to find an Option B when life is hard for us and when we experience setbacks in life. It reveals a very hard part of Sheryl’s life when she lost her husband. Then she thought there won’t be a light anymore, she won’t be able to breathe anymore. This book will show us how to recover from life’s attacks, how to recover from the most devastating events and gain a better appreciation of our lives. When option A is no longer available, we all need to make the most of the option B.


I hope you have appreciated the list I just suggested for your autumn readings. Most of the books are about personal development, but I think we really need it because life will become more and more difficult, with more and more challenges, so we need to be prepared for it.

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  1. Crazy Rich Asians: Kevin KWAN  2. Miracle Morning: Hal ELROD 3. The subtle art of not giving a fuck: Mark MANSON 4.Devenir soi: Jacques ATTALLI



5. Sweet nothing: Nicole MOWBRAY  6. Big Magic: Elisabeth GILBERT  7. Lean in: Sheryl SANDBERG  8. Option B: Sheryl SANDBERG

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