Dress Scandinavian- 5 things to remember from the Pernille’s book


Danish stylist from the very well-known blog www.Pernilleteisbaek.com, has published several months ago her very first book named Dress Scandinavian.

In this book, you will find very interesting and useful pieces of advice about what to wear, how to mix different pieces. This book explains Danish style and will help you to understand how Danish girls managed to catch up the photographs eye during the fashion week.

Here are my 5 lessons I have learned and try to apply every day in order to look classy like a Danish woman.

1) Focus on quality and not on quantity

My favorite one I try to apply every time I want to buy something. Pernille also underlines that « Quality does not equal expensive designer brands ». We can find timeless designs in the High-street fashion. The idea is to be able to wear them season after season. For that reason, if you need to make some room in your dressing, don’t be afraid to get rid of stuff you no longer use.

2) Power of personalization or it’s all in the details

Even if you don’t have a ton of clothes, you can always be remarkable, if you know how to personalize them. She gives as an example the hoodie Under a stylish blazer or using a scarf as a belt in your Levi’s 501’s. Ok, the last one which is not my favorite but I found it interesting: wear your sandals with a glittery sock in winter.

3) Inspiration is everywhere

When traveling, take time to look around you. You can have great ideas just by observing the Young but also the old. Another great advice that I actually already was applying before reading the book is to walk instead of taking a taxi or an Uber.

4) Must have in your ward wear

  •  Blazer (A Céline one, if possible, it’s a classic piece of cloth)
  • Jeans (bought from e-bay, classic Levi’s jeans)
  • Colorful High heels
  • Striped top
  • Jewelry
  • A quality handbag (Chanel ladylike and classic model, one of the best investments)
  • Shirts
  • Belts (you can wear it with almost everything: it can also add a nice touch on the layer-on-layer outfit, but also on coats, cardigans or dress).

5) And to finish, here are the 10 Pernille’s Do’s which summarize the main ideas in her book and which will help you to gain more self-confidence:

  • Less is more, and the simple outfit does not mean boring one.
  • Remember to choose quality over quantity
  • Think “details” which will help you to create a unique outfit
  • Use more jewelry, which will add personality to your look
  • Use eye-catching accessories
  • Create your basic wardrobe in order to avoid cloths’ crises
  • It is important to use colors that suit your skin tone
  • Mixing materials will create contrast and will freshen your look
  • Adopt the layer-on-layer style to add more dimension to your look
  • Privilege comfort over everything else

In this Danish style guide, you can also find some tips about how to wear layer-on-layer, which color to wear (you can do some test and find out the best colors to wear depending on your skin tone). This book is a perfect reading for the summer holidays. Hope you have enjoyed it!

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Dress Scandinavian

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