5 winter boots to keep for the spring season


It may happen to have in your dressing some clothes, bag or shoes, you are a little more attached to. These are, for example, these boots we have been working during the winter and that we want to keep for spring because of their comfort. It’s true, it’s already spring, the snow period is truly over. At least for cities like Paris. Despite this, there are often pieces in our wardrobe that we can or always want to keep for a little longer. A soft sweater or a cardigan to wear over our blouse, a wool hat or those boots that we have been wearing throughout the winter and that we want to wear during the spring.

Flat boots stand out for their comfort. To this we can also add that it is easy to create multiple looks with. They can be worn with leather or wool skirts, with leggings or with straight pants for a slightly more formal look. Nevertheless, they do have one downside. I can openly say that it is the difficulty in putting them on Of course, it’s a little hard to compare them to the sneakers we put on in 2 seconds.

Despite this, for this look, I opted for my Tod’s boots which I adore. I have had them for 2 years already I think. It is true that they are a bit high but still quite comfortable. I decided to wear them with a total black look. Their brown color and the pearls on the belt, add a bit of brightness to the outfit. Despite everything, this look remains quite uncluttered and easy to wear. Wide pants and a turtleneck, a slightly larger accessory like my Gucci belt and you have your outfit, simple and effective.

Did you know??? By the way, these pictures were taken at Jardin de Luxembourg. Perhaps, you already guessed the location, thanks to the Green Chairs. But did you know that they were put there by the Senate in the 18th century. From 1920 to 1974 Parisians should rent them. In our days, they are still there and you can have a rest, for free. 🙂 












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Boots: Tod’s

Pants: Uniqlo

Turtleneck: Uniqlo

Sunnies: Yves Saint Laurent

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