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The baby carrier is with no doubt an essential on the birth list of every family awaiting this happy event. It is very handy for the very first months of the baby. It allows mom to continue that connection they had when the baby was in her womb. Thanks to the baby carrier, the happy dad can bond skin to skin with this new member of the family.

The baby carrier Artipoppe

Several are the baby carrier brands that exist on the market. You also have the baby slings which are more flexible, with a ring to close the sling. We chose a baby carrier and we opted for the brand of the Dutch designer Anna van der Bogert. Artipoppe is known for the design of its baby carriers and baby slings. I dare say that they are the only ones on the market that offer these unique designs and at the same time they are very… .how to put it… .. remarkable. You can’t fail to notice these baby carriers in leopard, zebra, snake, denim, blue with white clouds, tartan and many other designs.



Our experience

To be honest, we got the baby carrier first and right after that we invested in the stroller. We have to admit that it was very useful to us at the very beginning and even now, when she is already almost a year old. The very first months, when our little baby had trouble to sleep during the nights, to make her sleep, we had to rock her, just like any other baby I imagine. I still remember how we put her in the baby carrier and walked around the house, rocking her and making her sleep in that way. Sometimes it took 1 or 2 hours. So, we were happy to have this magical baby carrier. Our arms could also rest after the long day.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Artipoppe baby carrier

It is sure that the Artipoppe baby carriers are very beautiful, comfortable, practical. Every time I’m on their web site, I want to add another design to the accessory wardrobe. Because indeed, I wear it as an accessory. Wear it in town, at home when the baby is still very small, or when on vacation, this baby carrier is a must have for everywhere. It is always in the diaper bag. However, let’s be honest, it has one big drawback. And that’s the price. But continue reading because there is a surprise at the end of the article :).



Get 50 euros off of the final price 

The Artipoppe baby carrier price starts at 350 euros. It can go up to 700 euros and more, for the limited editions. But if you are looking for a stylish piece for your baby and you would like to treat yourself with this fashionable baby carrier, you should choose Artipoppe. You can choose a model, according to your budget.

That is the reason why I am happy to share with you my code for 50 euros off of your purchase on the website. You can use the link below to get your Artipoppe on a cheaper price. It is interesting, isn’t it? Moreover, knowing that the brand never make any promotions or sales.

Get 50 euros off of your Artipoppe baby carrier

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