3 non-maternity brands turned maternity brands


Being pregnant is not the easiest period in women’s life, let’s be honest. There are so many changes happening, not only in your everyday life but also with your body, sometimes with your face. You should think about so many things, but also what to wear with your new baby bump. Dress, jeans, pants, where to find these special clothes for future mums, etc.

Your body is also changing a lot. Some of us are living an enormous change, seeing their body changes every day. Some others are a little bit luckier, and living a great pregnancy and gaining not so much weight. Well, it depends what does it mean « great », because not gaining so much weight because of hyperemesis gravidarum is not such a great thing by the way.

In France, gaining more than 12 kg during the 9 months is not recommended. I heard even that some midwives can be very severe if they see that you are gaining more and more weight. But anyway, let’s talk straight, there are, hopefully, some brands which are not especially maternity brands, but which are offering a lot of models of dresses, jeans, that could fit your new morphology.

H and M

The first one is the Swedish brand H&M. It is true that they indeed have their special Maternity line, but if you wear size 34 or 36 of their normal line, when pregnant, you can fit your baby bump in their 38 or 40. Swedish brands are indeed larger when speaking of size, which is so reassuring, at least for me.


Na-kd is another Swedish brand I discovered on Instagram. Thank you Swedish bloggers :). And as I mentioned before, they are also quite large when speaking of size. I ordered several dresses, but I kept only 2, the one I was wearing on Dune of Pilat and the one I am wearing during the last summer. Yes, let’s say it, I was 5 months pregnant here. But happy to fit in this 34 size-nice-blue dress from Na-kd.


Last, but not least, Mango is another brand you can find nice clothes for your baby bump. Their clothes are in normal French and Spanish sizes, but as they are going until size L for the shirts and until 44 for pants and dresses until XL. So, once again, if you wear a small size from Mango, when pregnant, you can find very nice dresses and t-shirts from Mango. But of course, wearing special pregnancy cloths or ordinary once, remains a personal choice. For me, wearing non pregnancy clothes is more reassuring.

So, I hope that this article was useful and reassuring for you, future mum. Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy and if you have some other ideas about brands that are not necessary pregnancy but can suit your pregnancy period, don’t hesitate to share with us.

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Dress: Na-kd (like this one and this one, both on sale)

Sunnies: Dior

Shoes: Roger Vivier

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