Straw hat


The straw hat has always been a staple in both women’s and men’s wardrobes. Worn as a fashion accessory or to save our skulls from burns during the hot days, the hat has gained even more importance in fashion these last years.

Impossible to post a summer look without this accessory or dedicate a whole selection of hats. Maybe some of you remember Jacquemus’s parade showing the straw hat, size XXL. It has since become a summer staple.

Since that year, we see it everywhere. All major brands, but also the most affordable once, have at least one model of straw hat in their collections. So, it is impossible to resist. And even if, like me, you say to yourself “I don’t look good wearing a hat”, you can be sure to find at least one model that suits you.

Here is a small selection of hats at affordable prices. However, look for the odd one because I couldn’t resist on not to add a timeless model, from a French bran that is verywell known around the world. I’ll let you find 🙂





Total look: Mango

Sunnies: Dior

Straw hat: H&M (old collection)

Straw hats selection: 1. H&M / 2. Lafayette / 3. H&M / 4. Monoprix / 5. Maison Michel

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