Welcome 2020, we are now in 2020  and I am not used writing this kind of article, about the past (I think I have done it only once), but this time, as I mentioned before, 2019 was full of changes for me personally. To be honest, there were a lot of new events in my life, and thank God, they are all happy events!

It is not easy to start, may be I should do it in order of time, starting with the most important for me, or the one I discovered in January 2019.


1st event

End of January 2019, I found out that I was pregnant since December 23rd 2018, according to the midwife.Well, I think that you never know the right date. And I found out quite late because of the work. I was feeling it, but it took me time to do the pregnancy test and confirm the pregnancy, once by the test and then by the midwife.

The horrible part of this period started just after the medical visit and the confirmation by the midwife. I started puking around ten times a day. And there weren’t only nausea, but real situation of puking everywhere (sorry for the details). I will share this experience in another article if you are interested. I will share how I went through this, how I organize myself because it is true that it is not easy at all.

Still in January and still end of January, I received an official letter, let me say a surprise letter. It wasn’t me finding it in the mailbox, but Kriss and he put it on the table, saying to me on the phone (once I read it), that he knew what was that, but didn’t want to tell me before I discover it on my own.  Well, the letter was the final decision about me becoming a French Citizen.  I was also invited to the official ceremony, taking place in May 2019.


The second most important event of the last year, was buying our first apartment in Paris. It is really a little bit French saying”first apartment” and I like it because that supposes there will be a second one. I hope so in any case. We made the decision buying an apartment at the beginning of 2018 and the time to find what we wanted, and sign papers on November 16th 2018. As it is a new apartment, the time that construction was finalized, we were able to move in last September. It was at the same time as the month I gave birth by the way.


3rd event

The third unplanned and unexpected event took place in 2019. It is not directly linked to me, but my family, my mother and father. One day, when I was going home after the working day, my mom called me and stating asking how was life going, you know, normal things. We even have been interrupted because there were no network in the metro. She was calling several times, but connection was bad. When it was possible, I answered the phone and she told me she had something to tell me. I was a bit stressed because I was thinking it was a bad news. I asked her “it’s a bad news” and she answered “it is a good one, very good one”. Then she asked if I were sitting. Well I had my back on the folding seat as metro was full at that part of the day. Then she told me “your father won the lottery”. Being so surprised , I didn’t know what to say, I  didn’t want to shout in the metro.

I was so happy for him because he was always been working hard, and he always was believing in winning the lottery. He loves working and has real values of work. Well, they both like when things are well-done. He is always doing a lot of things, he is like an electric battery. People asked him if he would stop working after he won the lottery. Well, he didn’t win millions so it is not justifying stop working. Well he didn’t win a million, but almost.

4th event

Several days after, most precisely on May 16th (4 days before my birthday) there was the official ceremony about becoming French Citizen. SO this is the fourth happy event for the 2019. The pictures were taken that same day. I wanted to be classy because it is not every day we are living moments like that. That day, I was five months pregnant with our baby girl Tina.


5th event

One of the last but not least, was giving birth to Tina. This is the most important one I dare say. September 17th, 2019, she arrived in our life, whereas she was supposed to be here on September 23rd. I always knew she wouls be here before this date, but I wasn’t supposed she would arrive so rapidly, just like an Arrow. I think this is one of the fastest birth in the world. Well, maybe I am exaggerating, but it took around 15 minutes, with only few birth pushes and without epidural. I will post another article these days about my birth story with all details. I think it could be useful for future moms.


6th event

Moving in our new apartment coincide with the day Tina came into this world. We had the keys in August but we were waiting for the kitchen to be installed so we could move in, having at least a place to cook. Kitchen was delivered on September 18th and installed on September 19th, while I was at the hospital. But thanks to Kriss, we were able to arrive with baby Tina at the new place with our luggage. It was really a marathon because he was between hospital and the apartment, trying to finalize everything before our arrival.


So, I think that’s all, at least for now. It seems to be one of the longest articles, but there were so many good things last year. As you saw, my life changed a lot, started everything from scratch or better to say, continue the life, but it is like a new one. A new one because we are now three and not two anymore.

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