Gluten free in Milano

My colleagues and I have just spent a wonderful week-end in Milano.

I have always been impressed by the Italian style in architecture but also by fashion. Nevertheless, after having visited both, Milan and Rome, I dare say that people in Rome are more stylish, or it was just my impression of the 2 days week-ends in both cities. Anyway, Italians are stylish.

But now, I just wanted to share with you an useful address. This one is where you can have GLUTEN FREE food. Actually, this became a real problem in France, because more and more people can not tolerate gluten in their food. Thanks God, this is not my problem but I have new maxim in my life « May be it is not your problem, but you can find a solution ». So, I decided to offer you one I have tasted. It is 5 minutes walk from the very-famous Duomo. And the name of the restaurant is Cantina Piemontese.

On the list, you have a lot of pasta and rice-based dishes, yes we are in Italy, but you can also find some vegetable based dishes like the one I tasted. It was with tomatoes, eggplants and other delicious vegetables. They can offer you a delicious gluten free bread (at least 4 different types). Seriously, you can be full after having tasted only the bread. Speaking of delicious dishes, we should add a good bottle of wine. We have tasted one, named Isolabella della Croce, which was tasteful and I am sure you will appreciate. About the desert, we didn’t have any free place in our stomach. Oh yes, and one last thing, they have a nice terrace for the sunny and hot days.

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