4 nice restaurants in Milano

All situated in the Brera district but also near the Duomo, these 4 restaurants are with very good location and offers a variety of Italian food.

Amene e Cozze: perfect for a lunch with friends

This restaurant is in a cantine style, but the food is just so delicious. It is with a great value for money. You have a large choice of local food but also delicious Italian deserts. When I was there, I chose the chicken plate, with vegetables and real Italian gnocchis. Being gourmand, as usual, I wasn’t able to leave this place without a dessert. So, I chose ice cream with the very famous « pan de stelle » biscuits and Nutella. Fortunately, there as a gym in the hôtel.





Convivium: perfect for a business lunch or dinner

This restaurant is the perfect place for a business meeting. It offers a variety of prestigious Italian wine. There is a business ambiance and a nice menu where you can find everything you love to eat, no matter if you eat meat or not. When I was there I chose the fish dish which was just so delicious. I finished all my meal. If you have some space left for the desert, you can pick up a piece of brownie or fruit salad from the bar ;).





Obica: mozzarella bar in Brera

Wine bar, sushi bar, but mozzarella bar, I wasn’t expecting to find this kind of place in Milano. But we are in Italy, so mozzarella cheese, we eat very often. When I saw this place, I immediately entered the restaurant. The surprise was there. They offer you a mozzarella appetizer before the main dish. As I simply adore vegetables and especially beans, I ordered the simple beans Italian soup. What I highly appreciate was the fact that they served the bacon on a different plate, without asking this. So, if you do not eat meat, this place is a real paradise.





Granaio: accessible luxury ambiance near Duomo

I liked the ambiance of this restaurant. They have nice round tables for a family or friends dinner or lunch. Maybe because of the fact that I chose a salad and not a pizza, but at the end of the day I wasn’t so happy with the plate. I didn’t have the « WOW effect » with the désert either. Nevertheless, the value for money is not so bad, considering the location of the restaurant, in Duomo area.





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