Last summer days and bullying


This title is quite contradictory or almost an oxymoron, isn’t it? We are now in October and I don’t know if this is the Indian summer or just because of Global Warming but summer lasts longer. Or maybe just because everything is upside down these last days.

Human relations are never easy. They become even more difficult when we speak about bullying. I should say that I have been a Lucky girl at my early age, not to live this kind of unpleasant and hurting situations. But it is never too late.

And what I was expecting from life? Being nice to me because I am nice to him? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like this. So, I had to wait for my 30ies, have jobs that I love, and my passion for lifestyle, fashion, which I share on my blog, to be bullied on my workplace.

Just to clarify something. Bullying doesn’t necessarily mean being criticized, or suffer sexual harassment which is fortunately not the case. Bullying could be also not recognition of your work which I currently feel. Not recognition in every sense of the word. But hopefully, I have my blog, my family, my projects. 

So how to face bullying at work? The very first thing to do is to be aware of the situation. Most of the time, when working for a company, we are the weaker party to the contract. But the second thing is to know that, if you are right, then you can win. So it is important to fix your limit and to know till where you are ready to go. Third thing: be patient, because fighting is never easy.

Last but not least, dare to take a step back, not think about the situation or if you have some nerves left, prepare your strategic plan and come back stronger. If the situation is really difficult and unacceptable, then it will be better to take a step back and do something else for a week or two, and not think about the situation for a while.

It is never easy to manage such an issue. But for sure, as soon as we are working for someone, then I think, at least once in your life you will be facing bullying at your workplace. But well, let’s stop talking about such a tough subject. We still have this nice weather in Paris and I need to enjoy it until it lasts.

So for this sunny Parisian day, I decided to wear my white mom jeans with this simple blue shirt for H&M and to dd some colors. I was wearing my new shoes I was looking for since forever and I finally found on Fashionchaussures website. Not only for the color (nice pink) but also for the brand, LK Bennet. And they are really comfortable. I was wearing them the whole day and manage it easily ☺


Sent a lot of love to you all, knowing that it is never easy to fight bullying, so let’s say together #thatsenough.

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Jeans: Mom style (Zara)

Shirt: H&M

Bag: Chloé (Georgia)

Shoes: LK Bennett from Fashionchaussures

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