Royal Albert spotted at home & in The Vampire Diaries

Honestly, since I have discovered this nice collection for home I became addicted to it and all pieces they offer.

Moreover, I was very surprised to see the tea-cup and saucer but also the teapot in the TV-show I have been watching for 5 years, The Vampire Diaries. The season 6, episode 16 where we can spot the let’s avoid it, hot Lorenzo sipping a tea from a cup of the very famous brand Royal Albert. If you are not a fan, it is difficult to recognise the brand but the rose-flowers motifs are easy to recognize.





Just a word for the show and an info that was disappointing for me, the main actress Nina DOBREV will leave the show at the end of this season and according to the last news, producers decided to continue filming season 7. I really doubt about the success of the rest of the show.

So, let’s get back to the main subject of this article, Royal Albert brand. I discovered it by chance, while Reading Vogue Australia. Yes, it is strange, but I try to follow and read all fashion magazines, which can be useful when we want to follow trends around the world and moreover discover new products, new brands. Since then I adore this brand and their gold-plated line of forks, spoons and nice rose-colored plates. I think they bring a piece of magic in any home and make our lives colorful.



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