Bruce Nauman at Cartier Foundation Paris or Grey for a grey day

I love Paris because there is always something to see, to visit, to try. Apart from the fashion capital, Paris is a cultural one.





Last weekend I visited the Cartier foundation for the contemporary art which is in a very nice building welcoming different exhibition.


If you have time, you should see this, it is a real contemporary art. I should confess having some difficulties to understand it. It is about repetitive movements and sounds which start annunciating in your brain.

And what about the place? The Cartier Foundation building itself is in very contemporary style, with nice and sunny garden that I really appreciated.

You can visit this beautiful place and see the Bruce Nauman exposition from March, 14 to June, 21st 2015.


Bruce Nauman was born in 1941, in Indiana. He started studying mathematics and physics at the University of Wisconsin and then he obtained a Master degree in Fine Arts from the University of California, in 1966. He started his career by painting but he found its passion for the sculpture, performance and continue in these fields, including video and cinema performance. Today he is living and working on his project in New Mexico. In 2009, he was awarded with the Golden Lion during the Venice Biennale.

The exposition itself offers 5 must-sees. The first one is the Pencil Lift with Mr Rogers presence. This is Bruce Nauman’s cat. It is one of his last Works. It is again about the hang gestures and balance. The aim is to reaffirm that optic illusion is a part of our world.

Going down the stairs you’ll see a face on the walls of the room or the so-called Rinde Facing Camera, introducing frustration and anxiety, repeating these words: « Feed me, Help me, Eat me, Hurt me ». Near this work of art is the Satinless steel version of the Carousel. The hanging heads of the animals create an impression to be near to a slaughterhouse.


On the other side you have the Untitled 1970/2009 art. It was created for the Tokyo Biennale that had place in 1970. Performance is made by 2 professional dancers, who are turning on a moving platform, till being exhausted.



In the garden you can enjoy the Instructed Piano or For Beginners part, which is the name of this experience. The record is from the Terry Allen playing piano. The sheet music was written by Bruce Nauman, following only the movement of the hand on the keyboard piano.





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