The Natural Beauty Project & My First Shooting with Alexandre





Posing. Some people are very endowed with, some like me, try to learn, but it is not always easy. I will be honest, I had a very good teacher and I learnt a lot during My First Shooting with Alexandre Cicconi, in 2013. I should avoid that I felt quite uncomfortable but Alex gave me very good advice, some of it I try to remember till today. Here are some of the pics he took and I would like to say thank you.

How I met Alexandre ? It was in 2010, at the Institute of Business Administration in Tours, where we had classes in Master « Marketing of services ». We had not the chance to work together on any school project but 2 years later we decided to do a shooting outside, near the Loire, the river crossing the city of Tours. We should say that this shooting didn’t take place because of some weather conditions. Actually, we went there, but had to face some technical problems.

I am sure none of us would like to remember this moment. Anyway, the shooting was done once I came back from my 6 months stay in Palma de Mallorca. Since then, we both live in Paris, so we were able to do the shooting, even if it was 6 months later. Today, Alex is working on his new project that I found extremely brilliant, The Natural Beauty Project. The idea is to make shoots with people and show the pictures the way they are, with no make-up, no Photoshop, no corrections. It should show that people are beautiful the way they are. We do not need following any fashion trends or be ashamed of our small imperfections. Because, actually nobody is perfect !!!

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