The age issue

Can age be an issue? I have never been thought before about this, but this is the question I ask myself as I am approaching 30ies.

Actually, everything started at work, my other job when people started saying you do not have the right age to pretend for that or this. But anyway, life is a constant fight and I just get used to proving them they are wrong saying this.

But stop talking about work, because yes, 90% of the time people say that I look younger. Is this an advantage or an inconvenient?

I took it as an advantage and think every woman in this situation should do the same and use the fact she looks younger. When on cocktails, events, I try to look more professional wearing suits, blazers, high heels, dresses and a natural make-up. At the rest of the time, I just wear more comfy clothes because the most important thing to me if to feel good in a cloth.

Once again, for the weekends and other personal events and going out, I always wear the most comfortable clothes I Have, no matter if they make me look Young or old. I privilege the comfort above all.

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Sneakers: Keds

Jeans: Primark

Sweat: Mango

Sunnies: RayBan

Jacket: Karl Marc John

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