La Redoute & Me


This will be the 2nd year I buy some clothes from La Redoute website. And not only clothes bu the way. Last year I bought a nice pair of gray boots. La Redoute and me, this is a long story, dating back to my early childhood.


At that after communism period, beautiful clothes and things were really rare in my country. My grandpa has had some international friends, in Germany and in Switzerland.

E-commerce wasn’t born yet, but another trend at that time was selling via catalogs. My eyes were full of dreams when I had the Quelle catalog in my hands. It was almost the unique way to have some different and fashionable clothes and to be seen on the Streets, among the uniform society.




Luckily, that time has changed. Currently living in Paris, I have a full access to everything, literally everything, it is even a bit excessive. But I am not complaining about. So, last year I have decided to try La Redoute website.

After having reviewed their business, I thought it could be interesting to try at least one. I was pretty satisfied with my first order and kept almost everything. And this year I have decided to order some new clothes.

This white dress, for example, is one of the things I bought on La Redoute website. Pretty simple, but I decided to keep it because the large belt adds a nice touch to the dress shirt. It is, by the way, one of the 2018 years trends and it will stay in 2019 too.

Are you ready to wear some large belts?

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Dress: La Redoute

Sneakers: Mango Outlet

Bracelet: Hermès

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