Christmas 2019: our first Christmas of three

Time is like flying. Christmas is over and the time between Christmas and New Year’s Eve has always been a little bit strange for me. It is like celebrating then work for several days and then celebrate again. This year I wanted to go to Bulgaria, but with baby Tina it was complicated. Just because there is colder than France and we simply didn’t want to take the risk for her.

We were supposed to spend Christmas holidays with Kriss’ family, but my nieces were a little bit sick so we took the last minute decision to stay at home. We did some last minute shopping, then once at home, finalize cooking. We banned the very famous French foie gras from our menu. It is our personal decision because first of all because of the way they are producing it and then just because I don’t see what the fact that I eat foie gras will change in my life. There are so many other pleasures in life.

I dressed our table quickly, using the red napkins from last year as a table runner then put the red Poinsettia flower I have bought for the Christmas holidays. During the last minute shopping, I wanted to take some candles but as it seems that they can be toxic for baby, I took these two artificial candles. At the end of the day, they are quite cute.
So, we spent our first Christmas of three, in our new apartment, in Paris.

Hope you all could spend some precious time with your beloved ones.

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