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We may, for different reasons, have to work from home and at the same time take care of our baby or child. This may be due because we still do not have a place at the nursery or due to a particular situation. Something that all of us, mothers and fathers, are experiencing today because of the Corona virus.

It is a real challenge and whether we like it or not, we will have to organize ourselves in the best way, so we can accomplish this new mission of life. Here are some tips, in total 7. You you can try them and organize your day, so working from home with your baby, will be productive.

1) Get up before your baby

It is important to get up before your child, in order to save a little time. Ideally you would get up 1 hour (or the perfect situation is getting up 2 hours) before your baby. So you will have time to prepare, organize your day, do sport if you want. In addition, if you work with countries in a different time zone, you may also be able to make a few phone calls. Everyone can use this precious time before the baby wakes up in the most convinient way.

2) Dress up

It’s important to get off your pajamas, even if it’s tempting to spend the day in it, let’s be honest. Dress up just like we are going to work is important because stying with our pyjama the whole day can quickly become a routine. “I’m not going out of my house” syndrom can invade your life. So, in case you have a conference call, you will be ready and will be presentable. Moreover, if you have to go out to buy something at the bakery, you’ll be ready for that.

3) Make a realistic and achievable to do list

I think we all tend to make long to do lists. I would say not endless to do lists, but unrealistic. So it becomes impossible to finalize everything we have planned for the day or for the week. Thus, a feeling of frustration can settle in us and we can quickly become demotivated. It is true that some people are more productive in the morning, others in the afternoon. It is therefore recommended to do the most tedious tasks during the time of day when you are most productive of course.

4) Have a place dedicated to work

We are often tempted to work from our sofa, even while watching TV sometimes. Another bad situation according to me is staying in bed. However, these are not the ideal places to work. It’s more comfortable having your desk and chair. We have a desk that we are sharing with Kriss at the moment, but I have worked from the living room table which is quite comfortable too. In this case, it is important to well organize this place, with your computer, documents, calendar, headphones, etc.

5) Do some sport

Sport activity is very important for physical health but also for mental health. Especially if we have to work from home at least 2 days a week. Do some sport at least twice a week is important. We are tempted to say that we do not have time but it is important to find some and go to the gym or at least go fot a jogging. Go for a jogging around our place, if you have a gym not far from your home, go for it. Or just doing 30 minutes of exercises at home can be also a solution. It could be funny if you do that with your baby.

6) Have a break

Having breaks helps staying concentrated. I had read that the time of concentration of the human being decreases more and more. Having breaks therefore helps you move forward with your to do list and your work. So you can read an article, take a break and take some fresh air on the balcony or on the window. Another possibility is to start preparing your lunch because with a little luck, your lunch break will coincide with the baby’s lunch and you can share this moment with him.

7) Drink water or….. tea

Water is life. 1.5 liters minimum per day. During the winter season, it is also very nice to have your cup of tea. For the past few years, I got used to drink hot water at work. And it really improved my digestive system. I have my electric kettle at work and so it’s easy. But it is true that when I am at home I drink much less. This is why it is important to have your gourd, cup, glass next to you and to drink enough water.

These are the 7 tips that I apply when I work from home and take care of my child. It is never easy, but a good organization could make the situation even pleasant. If you have other ideas, you can share them in a comment. So, stay safe and #stayathome.


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