Diaper rash: we had it and it was kind of ……


I wasn’t thinking it was the diaper rash. In fact, before we got diaper rash, I had never heard anything about it. Tina got it during our holidays in Fuerteventura. It appeared towards the end of the holidays and when we got home, I was waiting for it to go by itself but it was not the case. Our monthly pediatrician appointment was in 5 days but I still called him because it was getting …… horrible.


How did we get it?

One morning, I was a little bit surprised when I saw small redness on her bottom. I thought it was because of the baby wipes we used. In fact at home, when I change her diaper, I wash her bottom or clean it with a piece of cotton and water. However, for the holidays, we opted for wipes because it was faster and easier. So, once the rash appeared, I stopped using the wipes right away. But it did not go away. It become even worse. The size of the affected area increased. Afterwards, I was thinking if we have changed the routine so I can find an explanation of the redness. So I thought it was because of the diapers. In fact, we changed the brand of diapers on vacation. I thought it was an irritation because it did not support the new brand of diapers. Alas, it wasn’t that either. It was when we got home and the irritation become even stronger, that we realized that it was diaper rash.


How long did it last?

Indeed, the erythema appeared due to the humidity of the diapers. With the heat and the sun, it was the ideal environment for its appearance. I continued to put cream, against irritations, while waiting for it to pass by itself. Except that the redness has become small, tiny white buttons, you could say mushrooms. I know, it’s not very glamorous, but it’s the truth. I did not panic or not enough, because the area concerned was still limited. Over time it dispersed again, U-shaped. There were even some at the folds of the legs. When we got home, we called the pediatrician, who gave us advice on how to treat diaper rash. In all, it lasted 2.5 or even 3 weeks, until the complete disappearance.


How did we treat it?

The pediatrician advised us to do two things. The first was to put cream on the affected area, Cicaplast Baume B5. Then use Cotocouche. And that at each change. So we used about 2 packets of cotocouches and 2 x 100 ml tubes (or more precisely 1 and a half) of the cream. So, if like me, this is your first child, you may think that these are special diapers, like the Pampers for example. Except no, it is not. In fact, the cotton layer is nothing more than a cotton insert. So it’s not a diaper. Indeed, it is the best known brand of inserts. We put it in the baby’s usual diaper. This soft cotton protection, reduces redness and helps the baby to feel better in his diaper. For us, the diaper rash lasted about 2 or 3 weeks and I can tell you that the picture was not at all pleasant to see. However, I assure you, it passes and the baby’s skin returns to its initial state. Believe me.

I hope this sharing can be useful for moms and, especially for new moms. It is true that it can be terrifying. We say to ourselves, but is it going to leave marks, how long will it last? But you have seen that even if it lasts 2 or 3 weeks, in all cases things return to normal. So don’t panic. Courage and kisses.




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