The True Cost Documentary

I just can’t describe how do I feel after viewing the Andrew Morgan’s movie “The true cost”. Released this year, on May, 29th, this documentary is about all of us who love fashion.

There is nothing bad to love fashion, to be well-dressed but the thing is that we don’t know what is hidden behind the clothes we wear, or just we don’t want to know, or we don’t speak about because it is easier in this way.

The film is about clothes, “clothes we wear, people who make these clothes and the impact that’s having on the world”. It is about our connection with the clothes and people who are behind. It is showing the new, completely changed Business Model of fashion industry we have today. We are talking more and more about “fast fashion”, with global brands as Zara, H&M, with more than 50 collections a year. Are they more and more conscious about the impact the production have on the nature and on humanity?

The film will bring you back where all begins: with cotton. And this part of the film make me think about something I read in the Seth Godin’s book “All marketers are liars” (the one I will talk about soon). He said that when we read cotton on the clothes labels, “words like natural, cool, soft and healthy come to mind. That’s because you’ve been telling yourself a story about cotton for a long time”. But the truth is that the cotton industry is “a disaster”. Seth Godin explains to us that “more toxic pesticides are used to grow cotton that almost any other agricultural product”. And in Andrew’s film we can see the consequences of this.

It is an appeal to make us understand that we, as customers, we are involved in this cycle. So we, don’t have to buy something if we don’t like it. And this is more and more true in this period of summer sales.

You can now see the trailer here or buy/rent a copy on the official website. I chose for you some pictures from the film that had a big impact on me.

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