“Why we buy?”: the book

Bring me back there

Why we buy is a book which will help non-marketing people to understand their buying behavior. You will see that even in a park space, bench are put on a that special place and not another, after several researches: sun angles, people passing, wind. The book will help you to understand how we are controlled by shops and the position of the products inside them and how we become shoppers.

After having read Paco Underhill’s book, you will understand men and women as a customer and who is able to spend more and on what? You will see that when you go shopping you need hands. Ok, maybe you already know that….or not. Anyway, you need a bag or shopping case to fill it with more and more products, useful…. or not. You will see that “a better design- one that took human anatomy into consideration- might have displayed less merchandise but accommodated more customers.”

Thanks to the book, you will also learn how to read signs all around you and especially in shopping centers. Because, honestly, everything is about communication…and marketing. The truth is that “the impact of brand-name marketing & traditional advertising is diffuse now because we all absorb so much of it.” There is also a special chapter dedicated to What women want, if you still didn’t get it. You will see why shopping is still and always will be an activity mostly for females.

I would like to finish this resumé with a phrase that I knew it was true but never was thinking about it: “the older we get, the more we recognize that the ownership of any product, no matter what it is, isn’t transformative”. What does this meant to you?

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