“Luxury world”: the book

This book is a small encyclopedia of the Luxury world. I dare say small because is some 230 pages, Mark Tungate managed to explain the main roots of some of the reference brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Bentley. It is a good start reading for some like me, who is interested in this sector but has no idea of what it is about.

The author reveals some facts about the Diamonds industry, explaining its visit to the temple of Diamonds, the Antwerp World Diamond Center. He also tells us how Switzerland became the house of the watchmakers. Another sector that deserved its place in the book is the real-estate-luxury sector but also art and galleries as luxury. I should say that I wasn’t expected to read about some of the most worldwide famous universities, but we should avoid that education today has become a luxury service.

I was also surprised to learn some facts about the Champagne, the history if this beverage and some of the extravagant brands, for instance Cristal. In this book you will learn a lot about the needed conditions for making a good champagne. Here is a fact (may be you already know it but monks were ones of the first starting producing it. Wine is not forgotten. Mark Tangate will reveal some of the “wines of paradise”, describing how a hobby may become a business.

In one of the latest chapters, you will visit Bath, small and well-know of the luxury people spa city. You will have he chance to learn some interesting facts about it and how it became one of the most well-known parts of England. Please not be ashamed or surprised when reading that Rehab center is a real fortune today and is considered also as a part of the shiny world. Don’t forget that stars facing some problems have to be welcome in an appropriate way. At least because they have this small fortune to spend on meds and rehab services.



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