Today I have decided to speak about a different subject. It is about the importance of spoiling yourself, the importance of pleasure that can help us to better live out life. I write this today not because May is here (my birthday in May), not because I have lived and being raised between two systems (partly in the Communism partly in the Capitalism), not because I decided to offer myself this Gucci belt, but simply because pleasure in life is very important. In our professional life, personal one but also in the everyday life.

Recently, I have followed some classes, where this subject has been discussed. Spoiling or rewarding ourselves is simply necessary to our life. It helps us to find motivation and see life through rose-coloured glasses. For some of you, a pleasure will be a good bottle of wine, chic restaurant, or traveling abroad and discovering new places. For others, it could be something tangible and concrete, that would remind you the success story you lived.

No matter what kind of experience you had, success or failure, treat yourself, you’re worth it. Because you dare to do it, even if it was a bad experience, you would learn something. Personally, I can not tell you for which achievement this Gucci belt was the reward, but the fact that I have spent some money helped me feeling better. Well, women are famous for their ability to spend too much money, but sincerely, I think this is also applicable to some men too.

Well, I hope this May will be full of nice experiences for you. With all the days off we have, I decided to travel for pleasure, but also have some business travels, for my “other job”. In any case, I will have so much to share with you. Without forgetting that my birthday is coming soon. Well, 30ies is not easy to assume, but no choice. Have a nice 1st May loves ☺

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Jeans: Zara

Sneakers: Movel

Belt: Gucci

Shirt: H&M

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