Vans vs. Keds


I am not a Vans girl. I remember, several years ago, everybody was wearing Vans and now they made their come back.

I never do what others do, this is a part of my stubborn character. So, I was always wearing Keds. I knew this brand in a very strange way, while was looking for simple white Champion sneakers. Then I saw Showrroprive was selling them and ordered a pair of white Keds. For now, I only have 2 pairs: one white and another one in pink. I didn’t have the chance to style pink ones but will do soon.

In any case, we all need a pair of white sneakers in our wardrobe. So I chose the Keds ones. They are different from the others sneakers you can find on the market but also from the white Kate Middleton’s sneakers everybody talks about. They are open, with a thin sole and very comfortable for the everyday life and for the summer too.

I was wearing them every day, till I saw this Vans model on their website, perfect for the summer, in white and sky blue colors. Not being an impulsive shopper, it took me several weeks before finding them. Quickly sold out everywhere, I was looking on Asos and other fewer know websites. Finally, I managed to find them on Farfetch website. Longtime, I was persuaded that on Farfetch we could only find luxury pieces, but at the end of the day was very happy with the service and the phone assistance they are offering.

I ordered them immediately because these Vans are easy to wear for the summer, and the white sky blue combination is so cute. They are also different from the black Vans that everyone is wearing. Perfect with a simple white shirt, blue jeans and accessories. Several days ago, I decided to wear them with a simple Roland Garros white shirt, blue short jeans, cream color sleeveless Pinko blazer. Some accessories for the summer: mandatory sunglasses from Chloé, and my Gucci belt.

So, the final score is Keds 2- Vans 1. But who knows, maybe Vans will manage to seduce me with their originality and I will buy another pair of their baskets soon. Maybe a white or black pair of Vans, easy to wear with everything.

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Sneakers: Vans (from Farfetch)

T-shirt: Roland Garros

Belt: Gucci

Bag: Sandro

Blazer: Pinko (love this one too)

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