Baby pink

Sometimes we just avoid talking about problems, thinking that it is easier like that. Unfortunately, that’s wrong. Talking relieves us, our heart from all negative waves.

Till now, I was just avoiding talking about what happened in Paris these last weeks, but not only in Paris but all over the world. All of these évents are unprecedented. Oh no, I am wrong. All of that had already happened in other countries, in other centuries.

It is true that the wheel is turning and unfortunately, events are repeating over and over again. It is up to us to learn from previous mistakes and events, so we can avoid disasters of such a scale. But most of the time, it is not only our décision.

These last days life is idling. Even the city of Paris is gray and sad. But when there are some sun rays, I enjoy some walking in the city parks, in some calm places, because sometimes we just need to make a rétrospection and understand what is to come. Try to predict the unpredictable.

And for these gloomy days, nothing better than some color on us. I had the bad habit (or not so bad habit), to wear black from head to toe. I am trying to progress and introduce other colors into my closet. I love the baby pink color, just like this one here, I can wear with black or gray. Pink is always a good idea.

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