Use your imagination

I have never been a creative person. Hopefully, creativity is one of the personal characteristics that could be improved. That is actually one of the reasons I have started this blogging adventure. Improving my creativity is one of my mid-term personal goals.

Sometimes we just need to use our imagination. And that is exactly what happened with this nice Zara Knit sweater. When I saw it, even the extravagant model, at least for me, I bought it without thinking a lot.

And then, as the original model was off-shoulder, but I wanted to use it to go to work as well, I just decided to take this grey ribbon and it to add it on the back. Simply sewing it up and making a knot, so the off-shoulder tissue has reassembled and covered the neck, like a new cowl neck collar.

This is the way I made up a different sweater model, in a very easy way, using simple tools and having a fashion piece I can wear during the weekend or even at work. I was so surprised by the compliments coming from my colleagues about the sweater. And it is true that with a pair of heels, this outfit could make you feel like a fashion icon. Well, I am probably exaggerating a little…

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