The coat issue

Find the best models of shoes and clothes…. that has always been a problem for me, since my early age. I remember, my mom was trying her best to find shoes for me and I was always unsatisfied because there was always a detail that made the buying process impossible.

Unfortunately, this is the today’s situation. I am still struggling to find the best piece of cloth, that suits me best. So, I take the risk to wear a coat for 2 years. That happened in 2014. I was looking for the best-model-winter-coat and I bought one on the Asos website. The coat I sent them back because I was too big for me.

Sorry ASOS and thank you for your understanding but also giving us the chance to find the most suitable clothes.

So, one year later, I found THE coat, with exactly the form I as looking for and the best color for Parisians, black. I have decided to adopt the English tendency called « closet bliss ». Or, having in my closet only clothes I love and I am wearing. I decided to privilege quality instead of quantity.

Let’s see how long this « clothes diet » will last…..

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