Christmas magic

Christmas, one of the most magical moments of the year. Family, dinner, sharing, surprises, decoration, magical moments.

As usual, we are trying to prepare the Christmas period and the Christmas gifts, so we can avoid the last minutes shopping.

Nevertheless, it is almost impossible, or for some people like me, it is always impossible. And here it is a quite long to-do list for December, with, of course, a few priorities:

  • waiting for the holidays and continue going to work with all our motivation;
  • buy a Christmas tree and decorate it at the beginning of December (and if you are late in this task, you can always buy it mid-December, just like me);
  • choose Christmas gifts for family, friends and colleagues;
  • drink a lot of tea, infusion or hot chocolate (depends on what are your preferences, personally I like infusion);
  • make Christmas cookies or/ and gingerbread. Personally, this year I made my Mom’s Christmas cookies that make me go back to childhood. The recipe is so easy and I will share it very soon;
  • Have a walk in Paris and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere;
  • Enjoy a cup of infusion at Le Castiglione and take some pictures in the Place Vendôme.

It doesn’t matter if you have time to do all of this, the most important is to be with your family, enjoy the moments and find some time to look back in the past year and see what we can do better during the new year.

Happy Christmas everyone !!!

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