No bag & New Year’s Resolutions

Since I was a child, days between Christmas and New Years Eve have been a strange period. First, a Magical Christmas, then some rest days, waiting for the New Years Eve.

These days are passing so fast, so we barely have a moment for a rest or for the most important activity, making a list with the New Years Resolutions.

When I was younger, ok…. When I was a child, the time between these 2 very special nights was dedicated to the preparation of the New Years Celebration: menu, decoration, play-list (because the dining room of our apartment became a dance-floor with at least 2 generations on it). At this time, I was only 9 or 10 years-old…

Today, I enjoy these days for having a rest, thinking about the past year and the one to come. I enjoy having a walk in calm places (it is quite difficult to define « a calm place », especially when you live in Paris). My style, often defined as « elegant » is changing for several days. I prefer wearing comfy sneakers, a simple pull-over and a jean or a skirt. And a comfy jacket.

I prefer not wearing a bag, to have my hands free, put them in my pockets, walk, contemplate the beauty of nature, find some inspiration and think about what I could make better in the 365 new days to come.

Have a great New Years Eve everyone and see you next year ☺ !!!

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