12 books for fashion addicted girls

I’ve been missing for a while, but working, travelling, and having a family life is  not always easy. So, I tried to make a good selection of fashion but also business books, to read this year.

  1. How to be Parisian: in this book, you will find the places that every real Parisian is visiting at least one a week. You will also understand why you will never see a real Parisian wearing UGG.
  2. Girlboss: Sophia Amoruso speaks about the “success story” she is living and how she has created the Nasty Gal brand. If you knew the beginning of her story, you would never imagine that a girl like her could create a business for 100 million $ of turnover, only 5 years after the launching if NastyGal.
  3. Garance Doré: her book: a big project that has waited for the best moment to be written. Full of advice that we really need in order to be confident enough but also to understand Parisian style and the complicated fashion world.
  4. Classy by Derek Blasberg: a real guide for a lady to become a classy lady. With this book you will learn everything about fashion, meetings and behavior to adopt. Advice and tools about how to be a real and classy lady.
  5. Man Repeller: Leandra Medine has created her blog and this book with the idea to have a humoristic website where she could talk about serious fashion. This book speaks about funny experiences, a real and sweet love story but it is above all a reminder that we should celebrate and accept this world made for women, by women.
  6. On the go: Kristina Bazan is one of the best-known bloggers. End 2015, she finished her first book, where she speaks about her childhood, and her first steps in the fashion world. She also shares her secrets for staying fit in this particular world, demanding so much energy.
  7. Diane von Furstenberg is “The woman I wanted to be”: Diane is a real example of the successful women: mother, grandmother, designer, philanthropist. A biography, speaking about her childhood and a book proving that every woman can become the woman she dreams to be.
  8. IT and the Alexa Chung success story: this “must have” book is for every fashion addicted person. It tackles subjects like “how to take a good selfie”, “how to choose out clothes in the morning”: difficult situations that we all had to face.
  9. Ainsi soit style or “This is the style” de Sarah Lavoine: another remarkable woman, sharing her secrets about reconciling personal and professional life. One of the best-known names in the architecture and the interior design in Paris. In this book, she shares her secret recipes, addresses but also beauty tricks.
  10. Ines de Frassange, La Parisienne: a book that gives us all the secrets of the Parisian chic lady. Design, decoration, beauty, style and all good places to visit immediately.
  11. Front Roe: being the leading lady in your own life: journalist, TV host and relooking guru, this woman shares her experience of working with people from the industry: editors, stylists, celebrities but also women from the every-day-life. Thanks to this book you will feel more educated, motivated and inspired about life. Il will make you feel more positive when thinking about your body, spirit, dressing and home.
  12. The magic of tidying up: a problem that every fashionista is facing one day or another- having more space. With this book and the Marie Kondo’s advice, you will start looking at your house and your goods in a different way. Precious advice so you can put an order in your house and keep only the things you are using. Say stop to the procrastination of throwing away useless goods.

Hope you will enjoy reading because fashion is OK, but if you add some readings and updates, is the best.

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