February reading: 6 love X style X life lessons from Garance Doré

Came out at the end of 2015, Garance Doré’s book has quickly become one of the bloggers favorite books, written by a blogger itself.

A book, an autobiography, full of stories and advice. A gold mine with good advice for finding your own style but also some return on experience from one of the best-known French bloggers in the world.

Here is mine selection of some advice to remember from Love, Style, Life book. Actually, my list is twice as long but here is the selection I want to share with you.

1) “Style does not attract men”. It is true that having style is useful, but not enough. The difference will be made by your personality and your life skills. In any case, “style is a way of communication, without words”. And as Emmanuelle Alt said: “style: this is a story about harmony and self-confidence. Being stylish, means knowing yourself perfectly.”

2) If your style is simple, no panic, you have a part of the French style in you. “French style, it is about a black blazer, white T-shirt, heels, and mascara.” If you live one of these days with no inspiration about your outfit, apply this French rule. There are the basics that every woman should have in her dressing.

3) I am sure that most of us used to think as Garance did: “For a long time I used to believe that I shouldn’t ask more. I thought it was a shame to be ambitious”. Asking always more, but especially fight for your dreams and staying motivated and ambitious to progress in life. Because dreams are something that no one can take from us.

4) “Beauty really comes inside the person, even if a little bit of makeup never hurts.” Our skin is becoming more and more sensitive and needs some care. You are 25 or even more, goods days when you could go out with nothing on your face are completely over.

And speaking of manicure, here are the 3 simple rules of Garance:

–   Learn to say “no nail polishing! No cuticle removing!

–   Learn to do yourself your manicure

–   Learn to do a break. Try to moderate, it is good for your nails.

5)   French “bonjour”. “Saying hello is a great opportunity! Enjoy these free “hello” to send positive vibes to the world, built your public image and smile to the world! In any case, we are all more beautiful when smiling!” It is so true that a simple “hello” pronounced with a smile on your face can make miracles, make out day better but also the relationship with people around us.

6)   About Friendship and Love:

“Friendship is like flowers, it is wilting it is not kept alive”. This is so true. Every person who has lived away from its country for at least 10 years could confirm this. If you would like to stay in touch with your closest friends, it is better to keep the contact. E-mails, messages via WhatsApp or Viber could work. An unexpected postcard could make the difference.

“Always have a home to come back, when everything seems to collapse”. Even if we consider ourselves mature enough, the human being is unpredictable. Unfortunately, in our days, we have more and more long-term couples who put an end to their relationships and it is very important to have a place to go and recharge your batteries.


This book is full of advice and very interesting situations that I wanted to speak about all of them. But I will leave you to discover it on your own, during one of this rainy Sundays, with a cup of hot chocolate.

Just one last that I found so funny and which is one of my favorite: “If Parisian start to grumble, it is your duty to grumble with him/her. This is the way we make friends in Paris.” So true, isn’t it?

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