Amsterdam: ultimate #cityguide

I am just in love with this city. I’ve been there 3 times and can go again and again. There are always new things to discover, new places to visit, some new places where we can eat delicious plates. Amsterdam is really the city I can live in.

So there are some of the places I discovered during the last 2 times I have been there. Where to sleep, where to eat or even, where to do some shopping. This is my ultimate guide to Amsterdam.


Where to stay or not to stay :)?

I have tried several solutions for my holidays in Amsterdam. Hotel, B&B, Airbnb, another hotel. There is a multitude of solutions about your stay in Amsterdam.

Nh Carlton: this 4 stars hotel is situated near the Bloomen market which makes of it one of the hotels with the perfect location. Nevertheless, I was surprised by the ancient aspect of the room. So, this is definitely not one of my preferred places.

We also have tried a B&B in the heart of the Red Light District. Room was nice but the inconvénient was that the bathroom was to share. There are a lot of very nice B&B in which bathroom is to share. So, read well before booking any room.

It is also important to know that it could happen to have a room with no daylight. Let me explain you. Buildings in Amsterdam have been built close to each other, so the window you have in your room is blocked by the nearby building. Also, some of the hôtels block the windows, so you can’t be able to aerate because of course, smoking is not permitted.

Well, till now, my experiences with hotels weren’t so happy but next time I think I will try another place that seems to have a good feedback, the Exchange Hotel.

But now let me continue with some nicer places in this magical city, Amsterdam.

Where to eat?

Every time I go there, I discover new places. For sure, there are plenty to be visited, but first, let me share with you these beautiful places with the best ambiance.

Jackets: for the potatoes-lovers

This place is just amazing. If you are a fan of potatoes, just like me, you definitely have to try this place. Big baked on place potatoes, with delicious salad on your choice, some nuts or vegetables, and your plate is ready. Delicious and healthy.



potasses_Amsterdam_places_Nadyainparis Nadyainparis_rosesinparis_blog

Café de Jaren

It is a nice coffee-restaurant, in the heart of the city. Read a book or the daily newspaper with a cup of coffee or have healthy lunch, this is really nice and calm place. 2 floors are available for your comfort.


Amsterdam_guide_rosesinparis_Nadya places_food_totry_AMsterdam

Café George

This is a very trendy place with a touch of French ambiance. Here you can have your delicious burger with French fries or the famous onion soup that I just adore. This is definitely the place to be where you can have lunch or coffee with a friend.



hamburger_Frenchfries_Amsterdam_trend onion_soupe_Amsterdam_trendy_places


The Avocado Show

It is another place that should be on your to-do list. Here, as you can imagine, avocado is on honor. Beautiful salads with avocado and flowers, hamburgers but not with bread but…avocado, this place is for the avocado lovers. Be sure to book a table simply because the interest in really huge.


Avocado_lovers_where_to_eat_Amsterdam salad_avocado_Amsterdam_cityguide



Venkel is another place where you can be sure to eat healthy food. It is in the same area where is the Avocado Show is, only 5 minutes walk. Home-made soups, salads and delicious snacks, in this place you will feel like home.



Cozy_restaurant_all_home_made_AMsterdam Venkel_healthy_home_made_food_AMsterdam



Corner Bakery

It is the perfect place for the desert. You can also have lunch here, of course, or breakfast. But the star of this place is definitely the Freak-shake. This is the place for this kind of treats. And last but not least, service is very good and people are really nice.



Amsterdam_places_eat_delicious_food desert_Amsterdam_freakshake_goodservice

Where to do some shopping?

I love discovering new brands when I am abroad. Amsterdam is one of my favorite places for shopping. Most of the shops are situated on Kalverstraat. But there are 2 places that you should definitely visit.


You really should go there. For sure, you have H&M shops around the world and it is nothing new when speaking about brands, but the shop is in an amazing building. It is situated on the Kalverstraat street.


Vintage clothes

If you are a fan of vintage pieces or are just looking for a nice pair of Levi ’s jeans, you should go to Episode and Ragtime. Both are situated in the same area. You can find Episode in Nieuwe Spiegelstraat street.

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