Being in a city where the température is -16°C and coming back in Paris, where the sky is grey and is raining most of the time is like both a climate and a cultural shock. People wear the same big coats, scarves, hats as in Bulgaria.

This week, here in Paris quite cold, 8°C. So, gaining 20°C is making me feel strange. No snow, no sun, but still a cold weather. To be honest, I support better the negative temperatures, may be because I grew up in a country where minus temperatures are something normal.

Living in a mild climate has its advantages. For example, in January, you can wear a skirt without feeling the cold wind on your skin. You can wear a light coat and sometimes have your hair free of hats. Just like me, here on this shooting.

Wearing a comfy wool sweat from Zara, in a combination with a short skirt. Definitely not my everyday style, but sometimes, in the weekend, it is good to change a little bit. I chose those nice color Acne boots and my new bag of My Suelly brand.

And what about you, how do you feel when changing the climate?

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