MaTerrazza in Paris

Last week I had the chance to participate in the very special event in Electric Paris, organized by Martini France. It was a very nice party with a lot of surprises.

This event was about the aperitivo, Italian tradition I adore. To be honest, the first time I discovered it was during my last visit in Milan, with my colleagues. The concept is about enjoying Italian appetizers (grilled peppers and eggplants, mozzarella-tomatoes, piece of focaccia, ham and cheese) with a cup of low-alcohol cocktail (Martini Royal in our case or just a cup of white wine, champaign, italian prosecco).

Being in the VIP lounge permitted us to do some workshops about the art of preparing delicieux Martini Royale. Lily Griffiths were there, to share its experience in the flower art. Of course, there were also some live music, thanks to Jeanne Added and The Do group.

During this event I met some very nice people and chatted with them with a Martini drink in our hands. I would say thank you Aude and Martini France for this unforgettable night. And hope to see you soon for another italian party !

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