Rainy VS Sunny Weather

This week is so sunny, and it is so bad that I have to stay at the office and do my professional duties, just before the next business trip. Well, spending time with colleagues is also good, but should confess that I prefer to travel or to enjoy the sun outside the office.

I don’t know why, when I have my whole weekend it is rainy and grey and when I have a load of work it is sunny and of course, I have no time to enjoy this small thing in life: the sun and the good weather.

So, since we have moved to a new place, it is sunny (that means for the last 2 weeks, weather in Paris was just perfect). And, of course, like Murphy’s law is always applied to my situation: I have to arrange our apartment, work, and everything else but have not enough time to go out and enjoy life in a park, for example.

But I finally found some time to write this post about the weather and my last occupation, accompanied with a look that we’ve shooted several weeks ago, during the weekend, when the weather was, horrible. Yes, I am wearing synthetic leather pants from Karl Mark John, with the Meyba sneakers and the white coat from Uniqlo and os course last but not least, the very sweet pink bag from Sophie Hulme.

Of course, I put my sunglasses on, just to provoke the weather.

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Sneakers: Meyba (from Showroomprive.com)

Manteau: Uniqlo (similar here)

Sunnies: Burberry

Bag: Sophie Hulme (new model here)


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