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Holidays in a Spanish city, where I have never been before. And such a lovely weekend. At the same time as the La Copa del Rei or more known as the King’s Cup.

During the 2 days of the weekend, a very festive and positive ambiance was reigning in the city of Barcelona. This very first event took place in the 1902, introduced by the Real Madrid team’s president Carlos Padrós who named it Copa de la Coronación, a name that has changed since the very first edition.

End of May 2015, La Copa del Rey will be in Barcelona city, which would win for the 27th time in the history. The football game take place on the Saturday. Friday night, a city full of Antletic Bilbao fans, and they are so many so we ask our self “Where are Barcelona’s fans”? But the next day, we can see them, dancing and singing, man, woman and children in the street of the city. And they are not covered with their flag but they’re wearing blue and yellow clothes, the color of the flag. And it was at that moment I realized that I was wearing the same colors: blue top and my favorite yellow Zara skirt (another Parisian look in this article). Moreover, at the same order as they are ion the flag. And believe me, IT WASN’T ON PURPOSE. Just to tell you that I was hesitating to wear a pink shirt instead of the blue top, but as it was too large, I decided to put this tight blue top. And that is how I realized I was wearing the Spanish colors in this festive and very special day where Barcelona won 3 to 1 against Atletic Bilbao.

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