Armani Silos in Milan

Italian fashion capital offers this year a lot of exhibitions. Spending holidays in Milano or just visiting the city for a day, you definitely should visit the Armani Silos, an exhibition for the 40th anniversary of the Italian stylist.

More than 800 pieces and 40 years of work are available in this 4 floors building, in a dark silver ambiance. Armani decided to keep the name Silos because of the history of the building, being used as a commodity warehouse in the fifties.

From the entrance, Armani Silos welcomes you with a film about the stars who were wearing Armani brand. The date to remember is April 4, 1978, when Diane Keaton wins an Oscar for her role of Annie Hall. This day she wears an Armani suit jacket. Armani has become one of the favorite brands for the stars not only for the red carpet but also on the film stages.

On the 1st floor, the visit continues with the « Daywear » clothes. Simple and clean-cut, this is the Armani style. Renowned for using neutral colors and for its reinterpretation of the traditional male fabrics, Armani adores underlining the worn-out style of the fabrics by using brushed wool and its ability to absorb light. Pure feminity can be seen in the Armani « Exoticisms » clothes. Transparent and floral prints, pink, blue and green but also black and beige are the preferred Armani colors. A non-European influence can be seen in the clothes inspired by the African, Indian, Pakistani and Asian culture.

On the 2nd floor are introduced the « Color-schemes » models. Passioned for neutral colors but also for the mix of gray and beige, he introduced the new term « greige ». The red color used in the Armani clothes was inspired by nature, slightly toned down with black. Another color used in his creations is the blue and its different shades.

The 3rd and last floor is about the « Light » collection. Organza, chiffon, tulle in the shades of pink, white and nude for a creation of jewel-like dresses and garments. At this same floor are also situated the digital archives. A unique universe introducing us the very beginning of the work on each garment and the stars wearing them.

Here is a selection of the pictures I took for you.

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