3 steps to the perfect manicure

Recently, I understood why my manicure didn’t last for more than 3 days. Most of the times home-made, on Sundays (Sunday is like the very special day for me, massage, beauty, relax, friends), in the middle of the week it was starting to disappear and I have one of these fingers I hate seeing on the other women. Either you have the perfect manicure, or you make sure to remove it immediately. Imperfection is not acceptable for women.

So there are my 3 main steps for the perfect, long-lasting manicure.

Prepare the nail, be sure to remove the cuticle so you will have a bigger body of the nail. Mine, for example, is so small, so if I don’t remove the cuticle, it will be like I don’t have any nails. The first and very important step is the base application. It protects the nail but also it makes the removing process easier. Wait for several minutes or use a nail lamp.

After the very first step put the color of you choice. It seems that the dark colors are back this winter season: black, dark red, dark purple are one of the colors in the new collection of the OPI nail polish called Venice. Here, I opted for the MyGondolaorYours black color. Be sure to apply 2 coats for a better color. Then you can add a small detail. Once again, I am very simple, but sometimes I like adding a small fake diamond or a flower.

The very final step is the top coat application. To be honest, before I didn’t use a top coat, but after having seen the traces of color I was leaving on the papers, on the walls, I was convinced about the need of the top coat. It is also protecting the color and permit to have a long-lasting manicure. Use once again a lamp to have a perfect, finished and dry manicure.

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