Christmas gifts for everyone: 2020 gift Guides


Only several days until this Christmas. And even if 2020 wasn’t very kind to us, we still need to be thankful for these days, trying to think what we can do better, how we can bring joy to the others, how to spend Christmas with our families…. Yes, months ago, it seemed obvious and for granted, but now things have changed. We are not sure to be with our families and it hurts. Nevertheless, we still can spend some time to choose a gifs for them and bring some joy.

I made several gift lists with gifs ideas for almost everyone. So, if you feel exhausted with all the objects and masks we are currently surrounded, have a look for some inspiration. 🙂

1) Children toys

Let’s start with some toys ideas for babies and children. If this is your baby’s First or Second Christmas, here are some toys and other useful ustensile to bring some joy to them.

gift_ideas_for_babies_toys_rosesinparis1.Baby Cube – 2.Book of smells – 3.Baby name – 4.Cuddy toy – 5.Baby set for eating – 6.Wooden puzzle – 7.Toy to learn colors – 8.Pull toy – 9.Interactive toy – 10.Bowling set – 11.Musical carpet – 12.Hedgehog toy – 13.Baby bike – 14.Baby bib T-shirt – 15.Baby tricycle

2) Cook and kitchen lovers

Next guide is for food and cookie loyers. If you like cooking, eating and spending time in the kitchen, this one is for you. Hère, you will find giftideas for everyone and for every budget, from 20 euros up to 600 euros.


1.Kitchen robot – 2.Marble cutting board – 3.Christmas arpon – 4.Tiny casseroles – 5.Champagne – 6.Hot chocolat set – 7.Electric kettle – 8.Caviar – 9.Paper towel dispenser – 10. Porcelaine Biscuits box – 11.Juice extractor – 12.Tea – 13.Chocolat set – 14.Sparkling water machine – 15.Truffles

3) Tech Lovers

This guide is for tech lovers. If you look for the latest technlogy out there, you are sure to find on this list something that will make you happy. This gifs guide is both for women and men. At the end of the day, offer a vacuum cleaner to your men can be a good idea. So he can help you a little bit with keeping the house clean. But please, make sure that this kind of surprise can make him laught at least. 🙂


1.Electric diffuser – 2.Google Home – 3.Bathroom miroir with speaker – 4.Jewel earphones – 5.Vacuum cleaner – 6.Connected scale – 7.Air selfie camera – 8.Vinyl player – 9.Cooking robot – 10.Phantom reactor – 11.Wireless headphones for home cinema – 12.Robot vacuum cleaner – 13.Gemini wireless headphones – 14.Retro radio – 15.Steamer – 16.Connected watch

4) Fashion Lovers

Christmas is time for celebration. Being well-dressed is always a pleasure for fashionistas but not only. Wearing a pair of comfortable fashion shoes when go shopping for the ski season is a must. Or a simple bedaine hat to keep you warm in the cold ans windy day. Not to forget a pair of earrings which always brings joy to your woman or friend. If you are looking for something more sexy, don’t hesitate and grab this feather pyjama set with the best price on the market.

1.Cozy hoodie – 2.Earrings – 3.Chelsea boots – 4.Quilted jacket – 5.Teddy bear cap – 6.Stylish headband – 7.J-Lo style hair accessory – 8.Sleeveless jacket – 9.Leather belt – 10.Beanie – 11.Pair of fancy earrings – 12.Easy to wear Cap – 13.Accessible feather pyjama set – 14.Fancy body for nice party look – 15.Earmuff – 16.XXL necklace – 17.Ski jacket from Protest

5) Mama/Baby essentials Guide

First serval months with baby are never easy. That is also the reason why we can also hear about this period as the “Fourth Semester” New environment for the little angel but also a new situation for mommy and dandy. The whole family will be happy to have in hands one of these which can make their life but also baby’s life easier.

1.Travel cot – 2.Camera for the baby room – 3.Set of bodies – 4.Fashion bib – 5.Wooden walking cart – 6.Baby sleeping bag – 7.Baby nest bed – 8.Changing bag – 9.Comfy set – 10.Baby chair – 11.Wooden pull toy – 12.Bag

6) Cocooning Loves ideas

This year was a special and unusual one. We were obliged to #stayhome more that the usual. And if this situation is the perfect one for cocooning lovers, it is not easy for some poeple. Being isolated is not easy for anyone by the way. So, here is a list with nice ideas that can make our everyday life at home more pleasant. I like number 9, but can you see the différence between the 2 pictures? 🙂

It is true that this hat box is very stylish and quickly become a decorative object in the home of every fashionista. Big inconvenient, the price is quite high and of course, il is sold without hat. Ot in the other way around, Maison Michel hats are sold without this beautiful box. So, if you want it, you should invest 🙂

1.Essential oils diffuser – 2.Personalised cup – 3.Jo Malone diffuser – 4.Beautiful travel book – 5.Fenlands Sheepskin slippers – 6.Molton Brown bath set – 7.Byredo candle – 8.Storage bath tray – 9.Maison Michel box – 10.Hand cream – 11.Bathrobe – 12.Cozy plaid – 13.Chritmas fragrance

I hope that you will find some inspiration to bring some joy to your families and friends during this difficult times. Stay safe !


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