Gucci for the office


Gucci obsession. This is at least what we can say about the Italian brand and the leap it took these last months. Bags, belts, shoes, we can see them everywhere. Each IT girl has at least one Gucci product.

I like their products, even if the logo is everywhere. It seems that wearing logos is fashionable again. Seem that the new generation, Y or the ME ME ME generation, we are mad about. So am I.

The thing is that, on my opinion, wearing logos as a street style is easier than wearing logos at work (when you have a job at the same time than the blog). Should be something particular about me, I am not that show-off girl, especially when at work.

Hopefully, brands have some more discreet products, for example, this Gucci belt. When I saw it on the website, I just became obsessed with. If you see it for the first time, you can not understand that it is from Gucci. Not before seeing the small logo in the flower.

So I decided it was perfect for the office. With simple black jeans, nice white, blue or pink shirt, it is so easy to wear it. It was so good investment for a working girl, smart outfit.

What do you think, can you wear logos at the office?

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smart_office_look_Nadya_rosesinparis everyday_office_look_with_gucci



Bag: Chloé

Jeans: Zara

Belt: Gucci (like this one too)

Shoes: Tods (next obsession)

Shirt: H&M


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