Blue summer


Summer is my favorite season. We are happy, the sun is shining, life seems to be, somehow easier. It terms of fashion, I think it is also easier to find the best outfit. I know for the most of the bloggers and fashionistas, summer could be kind of annoying. Nevertheless, it remains my favorite season in terms of ambiance, fashion, holidays destinations.

You don’t need a lot to be chic and stylish, a nice dress, a pair of sunglasses, and a pair of slides. It is true that the years before I was wearing many black clothes. Then I decided to put some color in my wardrobe and also buy more clothes in white color. This summer trend was long, voluminous dresses.

To follow trends, but honestly, this has always been my kind of dresses, I just felt in love with this sky blue dress from H&M. Value for money is just perfect and you can be sure that people will look at you and that beautiful dress and you can feel like a real princess in it.


summer_look_Bulgarian_blogger_Nadya summer_in_Spain_rosesinparis


fashion_lifestyle_blog_Nadya_in_Paris rosesinparis_lifestyle_blog_Nadya



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Dress: H&M (like this one & this one)

Sunnies: Burberry

Flats: Chanel

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