Hello May and last winter days in Paris

We are back in Paris, after one week on holiday, spent in a small village, near Royan (in the South-west of France). I wasn’t very surprised by the rainy welcome and the epic rainfall, without forgetting the 3° C when entered the Paris region. Anyway, it is always the same scenario in May, in Paris. And even if I love this month, not only because it is my birthday, or because there are many bank holidays, but also because it is almost summer time and half of the year.

I said that it is always the same thing simply because during this time of the year, here in Paris, I just do not know what to wear. In the metro, we can see people wearing open shoes and others with a down jacket, in Canada Goose style, if you see what I mean. Yes, it is not easy to choose your look, even if we can see Instagram girls with skirts, sandals, and light jackets, for me it is still a little bit difficult to store my down jacket.



Yes, I don’t like cold and rainy weather, but this is not something new, so I prefer not taking the risk to be sick with this constantly changing weather. Sorry, but I will keep my down jacket ☺And who said that we can not wear a down jacket in a classy way, even in May? I have never been a big fan of lots of colors on me, so here is this bi-color look, black and flashy green or close to yellow. Sorry May but I prefer keeping my jacket and my sweater.

This look is simple, with the black and yellow or flashy green, depends on how you see the color. Clothes are a bit basic, what is different, I would say, are these Aquazurra boots I love. Classy and classic, they are comfortable and easy to wear with this Mango sweater. All of that, combined with these large Zara jeans and black H&M jacket. I hope you like the contrast and the flashy or fluo trend.

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Sweater : Mango

Jeans : Zara (old collection)

Boots : Aquazzura (love this snake skin model)

Down jacket : H&M (similar here)

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