Car or scooter on the Tenerife Island?


Tenerife is one of the 7 islands of the Canarian archipelago, along with Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Grandes Canaries, La Palma, but also the 2 other smallest islands (La Gomera the closest to Tenerife and El Hierro which is the more distant). Tenerife is the biggest one and one week is definitely not enough if you would like to discover this magnificent island situated in the Atlantic Ocean.



We already have visited Lanzarote early this year, in April; Grand Canarias in 2017. So, for our September holidays, we decided to go to the biggest one of the 7 islands, Tenerife. Once there, we needed to choose if we would rent rather a car or a scooter. By the way, there was a time when I was very organized, and everything was settled up before leaving, but now I am organizing everything once there: transport, things to see and to visit.


The choice of the transport is easy. But you need first to know what is the purpose of your holidays: rest or discovering the place. Your choice depends also on your entourage: if you are in a family, with children, a car will be more appropriate. If you are with your partner, a scooter could be a good choice. It is important to know that the distance between Benijo (in the North of the island) and Masca (a village in the South) is around 2h 10 with a car (107 km if you pass by Puerto de la Cruz et 136 km if you pass by Candelaria).


First, we wanted to rent a car (a good example why your first choice is the best most of the time, at least in my case), but as the first 2 days were dedicated to the rest, and after that, there were no more cars left. Then, we rent a scooter for 3 days. Usually, we try to visit a maximum of places but this time it was a bit particular. We have had 4 days of rest and swimming pool and 3 days of discovering the island of Tenerife.


We rent a scooter and you just cannot imagine how much I have regretted this choice since the very first day of our adventure on the road. To a point that once back at the hotel, I asked if I can have a car instead of the scooter. During our first day on the road, our target was La Laguna village, a very picturesque place in the heart of the island. We were quite early on the road, at around 10 am. We had to go through the mountains, and with the altitude, the clouds, and the wind, the story wasn’t very good (yes, the sun wasn’t there yet, at 10 am).


Going on the highway with a scooter is really kind of scaring. With the GPS in one hand, the wind and my summer dress, the perfect combination for a panic crisis. I decided then to take off the scooter and stayed on the floor for a while, on a roundabout. I wanted to go back to the hotel with a taxi and the scooter on the roof of the car, I imagine….Such a patience he has, and he has supported this, I just do not know but at that moment I understood something. Well, several minutes after the panic crisis of course, once on the road again, calm and on the direction to the Las Teresitas beach, I saw the importance to be patient with other people and more precisely with the one who shares your life.


My father has always been telling me: “You need to remember that patience is everything, it is very important for the good health of each couple”. Such a good example I had during our holidays, but I have to admit that it was also my very first panic crisis. I am not afraid of speed, but it was the perfect situation to be scared of. Well, we really enjoyed the time on the Tenerife Island, and I should say that a scooter is a good way of discovering the place with. Nevertheless, I was very happy to go to Masca with a scooter instead with a car. This place is really beautiful, on the heights of Tenerife.


Well, it is enough with the life lessons and the life experiences. To summarize, the choice of the transport depends really on your plans, because there is a lot to see on the Island. A scooter could be a good solution, but if you have a small one, you won’t be able to see much for 3 days. If you are with your family, it is obvious that a car is a perfect solution. I would say that for sure, 3 days with a scooter are not enough. But it is another reason to come back and see the rest of Tenerife.

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